Need-to-know facts about vaping in general and JUUL in particular.


8 Signs Your Teen Is “JUULing”

  1. A secretive attitude and closed door.

  2. Making frequent excuses to go to the bathroom or outside during gatherings.

  3. A sweet smell in their room or on their clothes (it’s the lingering scent from the vapor) and frequent burning of candles, incense or using room freshener to explain the smell.

  4. Increased thirst and dry mouth (and occasional nosebleeds). It’s the propylene glycol which pulls water molecules from the mouth and nose.

  5. Dry cough.

  6. Attempts to conceal colorful plastic caps from “pods” and small electrical devices and cords for charging.

  7. Heightened caffeine sensitivity.

  8. Signs of developing a nicotine dependence or withdrawal: changes in sleeping, irritability, coughing, frequent snacking.



Quitting Juul may be harder than quitting cigarettes

Here’s what addiction experts recommend.

From Vox

As the outbreak of vaping-related respiratory illness keeps growing — with the death toll now at 26 — health officials are advising everyone to avoid vaping products (particularly those containing THC).

The outbreak, which to date involves mainly people under the age of 35 , has been a wake-up call about the risks of vaping, both acute and long-term — particularly for habitual users.

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